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  • Cameron (Tuesday, September 04 18 10:14 pm BST)

    Super instructor, always calm and explains everything with detail, great sense of humour and supportive, always looked forward to my lessons, would recommend to anyone, thanks a lot Howard !

  • Samuel Moore (Thursday, August 16 18 03:55 pm BST)

    Howard is a superb driving instructor who's friendly and patient approach to lessons makes them very enjoyable as well as informative. It has been a pleasure to learn to drive with him and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn!

  • Amber Darnbrook (Tuesday, July 24 18 02:09 pm BST)

    Howard is an amazing Driving Instructor that creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere for all of his students. He makes learning to drive comfortable and fun and his pupils will always be in for a good laugh. Howard is the ideal Driving Instructor that Learner Drivers are looking for. Not only is he professional but he is also very friendly. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.

  • Harry (Friday, July 20 18 12:24 am BST)

    Howard was a great instructor. He effortlessly keeps all aspects of learning to drive relaxed and simple. His friendly attitude, patience and professional tuition creates the perfect combination for driving lessons. I would highly recommend!

  • Daniel (Tuesday, June 12 18 02:01 pm BST)

    Howard’s alright Nar cheers Howard you’re amazing really good instructor I would recommend you to anyone

  • Katherine (Monday, May 21 18 05:55 pm BST)

    I would really recommend Howie as a driving instructor, he thought me everything I need to know which enabled me to pass first time. He's very helpful at making sure you feel confident with all affects of driving, and this prepared me well to drive alone.

  • Alasdair Fischbach (Saturday, May 05 18 08:06 pm BST)

    Top quality tuition with a terrific instructor. Howard is a fantastic teacher who makes the processes of learning to drive clear, whilst always being enjoyable and relaxed. He was always willing to push me to improve my skills, and it is thanks to his stellar teaching that I passed my test first time. If you are thinking of learning to drive, learn with Howard.

  • Chloe (Wednesday, February 21 18 09:50 pm GMT)

    Howard is is great driving instructor. He’s always been very calm and patient with me and made me feel comfortable when driving. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to learn :)

  • Joshua (Monday, February 12 18 01:36 pm GMT)

    Engaging, flexible and direct Howie is an incredibly apt driving instructor! I would highly recommend him to any prospective students. He is more than felixible in arranging lessons and is never shy of making the lessons engaging and humorous.

  • Andrew (Tuesday, January 09 18 10:28 pm GMT)

    First-rate driving instructor. Clearly very knowledgeable and experienced, while also friendly and patient. Prompt to respond, and flexible, when arranging lesson times. It was a pleasure learning to drive from Howard. I would most certainly recommend him to anyone.

  • Charlotte (Wednesday, December 27 17 02:19 pm GMT)

    Will miss Howie incredibly! Howie is an absolutely amazing driving instructor, who tolerated my bad jokes, ridiculous sense of humour and had the patience to put up with my “blonde moments”! The amount of support and reassurance that I received from him really gave me the confidence to pass my test and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Good luck in the New Year and I’ll hopefully see you around Ilkley!

  • Gaby K (Thursday, November 16 17 06:49 pm GMT)

    Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! I never thought I'd pass first time but Howie was a great teacher with bags of patience! Enjoyed all of my lessons with him and would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn!
    Thanks again Howie!

  • Milly (Wednesday, September 27 17 09:47 pm BST)

    Fantastic instructor, very friendly and helpful. Everything was explained really well and the experience was really enjoyable whilst also being productive :)

  • Douglas Stuart (Wednesday, September 27 17 03:15 pm BST)

    Howard has an impeccable knowledge of all aspects of driving. He has a calm, clear delivery of instructions and a slightly mischievous sense of humour. Thoroughly enjoyed all my lessons and passed first time. Would recommend to anyone regardless of prior experience.
    Thanks Howard :)

  • James Inglesfield (Tuesday, September 19 17 03:09 pm BST)

    Howard has been a calm and collected instructor from day one. He progresses you at an excellent rate whilst being very knowledgable about driving. I can't recommend him enough.

  • Luke D-J (Monday, June 26 17 06:52 pm BST)

    Howard is an excellent instructor. He is calm, his instructions are clear, and he has a good sense of humour. Would recommend to anyone!

  • Ben (Monday, June 26 17 06:34 pm BST)

    Howard is a great driving instructor. He is supportive, patient and gives you confidence. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
    Thanks Howard

  • Rosie Cowell (Wednesday, May 17 17 10:18 pm BST)

    Passed first time and Howard helped with my nerves amazingly aswell as teaching me everything perfectly. A great instructor.

  • Will (Wednesday, March 15 17 12:39 pm GMT)

    Howard made lessons fun and made me feel comfortable with him when driving, competitive prices aswell!! Would reccomend to anyone! Cheers Howard

  • Henry (Thursday, February 23 17 03:45 pm GMT)

    Couldn't recommend someone more. Howard was a brilliant driving instructor from the basics all the way to the test. Lessons were not only informative but highly enjoyable and I cannot thank him enough for getting me through first time!

  • Matt (Tuesday, February 21 17 11:24 pm GMT)

    Howard is a great instructor, he was always able to plan lessons around my work time. He made the lessons enjoyable and makes you feel relaxed whilst driving. He is a very good instructor and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

  • Onya (Monday, December 19 16 04:07 pm GMT)

    First time pass! All thanks to Howard :) he is great has many way to teaching so if you find it hard he will show you another way till you get it, that's what I like... would defo tell my friends
    Thanks howie

  • Chris (Tuesday, December 06 16 12:16 pm GMT)

    Would recommend Howard to anyone, was amazing with me worked around my work schedule, and literally enjoyed every minute thanks for everything howard and thanks for getting me passed first time!

  • Niamh Egars (Wednesday, October 26 16 12:14 pm BST)

    Howard always had confindnce in my driving (even when I didn't!) and it was his patience and faith in me, as well as his clear instructions and friendly attitude, that taught me how to drive. Thank you for everything and helping me pass first time ! You're a star !

  • Callum (Monday, October 24 16 10:31 pm BST)

    I enjoyed learning to drive with Howard, he was very patient and easy going and pleasure to learn to drive with. I would highly recommend.
    Thanks howard!

  • Daniel (Friday, October 21 16 03:46 pm BST)

    A really good teacher. Very good teaching methods, and he manages to adapt them based on the pupil. I passed first time thanks to his ability.

  • Alex Kyriakides (Tuesday, October 18 16 05:00 pm BST)

    With Howard as my instructor I always felt relaxed and confident as a result of his calm and patient teaching. He is a very encouraging teacher and is always a good laugh. I highly recommend him.
    Cheers Howard!

  • Stu Lang (Tuesday, October 04 16 07:00 pm BST)

    Howard is the best, a really friendly, calm and helpful instructor. Very patient and never gets flustered if you make a mistake. After having a year off driving for Uni, Howie made it so easy for me
    to get back into the swing of things and ended up passing first time! Would really recommend his services.
    Cheers Howard!

  • Sophie Tran (Tuesday, September 20 16 04:42 pm BST)

    I would really recommend Howie as a driving instructor - I was not a natural driver, and he always helped me to stay calm and was patient with me. I didn't dread any of my lessons, as he really took
    the stress of of learning to drive. Thanks Howard!

  • Kieran Kurtalan (Wednesday, September 07 16 06:19 pm BST)

    I highly recommend howard as a driving instructor passed first time really enjoyed learning with howard

  • J (Friday, September 02 16 10:03 am BST)

    Howard is an easy going and friendly person, that I would consider a friend from learning to drive with him.

    Coming away from passing my test I felt the lessons were a breeze. overall they were enjoyable each week, and learning to drive was in no ways daunting. it was enjoable.

    Howard teaches all aspects of driving right through from when you first step in the car through to teaching and guiding you through the maneuvers and details needed to pass a test in depth in an easy
    to understand and positive way. It was clear with each lesson, and built upon each week in an easy to do fashion.

    Howard prepared me well for my test and is very flexible with teaching hours, he responds quickly to texts and calls and looks to accommodate each individuals needs, like myself in order to help
    people learn to drive.

    I cant thank Howard enough for the time he dedicated to me, and continued support week in week out when learning to pass my test. He is a friendly, caring and easy going guy that is works in a
    professional capacity that I would recommend to anyone

  • Josh Butcher (Friday, July 22 16 01:00 pm BST)

    I highly recommend Howard as a driving instructor he was composed even with me behind the wheel. I passed first time in a place I'd never been before and he deserves the credit for that as his advice
    and positive relaxed approach to teaching made me feel both confident and relaxed whilst driving.

  • Matt Ellis (Wednesday, June 08 16 08:25 pm BST)

    I highly recommend Howard as an instructor, not only is he cool calm and collected when you're driving, he teaches you everything you need to know. I passed first time, even as the most unlucky
    student he's ever had.

  • Catherine McAteer (Wednesday, June 01 16 09:48 pm BST)

    I would really recommend Howard as a driving instructor, if you made a mistake he never shouted or anything which was helpful! He is always super relaxed which obviously makes it easier for you and
    you never dread any lessons! Much appreciated! Thanks Howard :)

  • Eddie Thomas (Friday, April 29 16 09:32 pm BST)

    Howard is a great driving instructor and got a first time pass thanks to him. Starting off nervous Howard made me feel relaxed by being so patient and understanding when I needed to challenge myself
    Highly recommend learning with Howard to anyone looking to start driving and so does my brother who also passed with Howie.
    Thanks for everything!

  • Jonny Bailey (Wednesday, April 27 16 09:47 am BST)

    Howard is without doubt the best person to learn how to drive with in Ilkley and the surrounding areas. He takes the stress of away from learning a new and very important skill with a relaxed,
    enjoyable atmosphere through the lesson. I would always look forward to a lesson and he was always happy to listen to what you wanted to learn on upcoming lessons, as well as what he thought you
    would need to learn. Just be warned, he wears some very unusual (and quite frankly rubbish) hats.

  • James McNulty (Thursday, April 14 16 08:16 am BST)

    I'd highly recommend Howard, I passed first time and throughout all my lessons Howard was just as patient in my last lesson as he was in my first. He's experience and every lesson was comfortable,
    effective and a good laugh. Thanks again Howard!

  • Aaron Fawell (Sunday, April 10 16 08:41 pm BST)

    Howard is a man of unrivaled patience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an instructor that's relaxed, calm and has a great sense of humor. It's these aspects that make
    you feel more comfortable, confident and eager to learn and I can safely say that he made the learning experience a very enjoyable one. Passed with 3 minors. If your looking for an instructor look no
    further! Thanks again Howard.

  • Jess Goodison (Wednesday, January 13 16 06:28 pm GMT)

    Passed first time with only 5 minors after over a year of driving with Howies Driving School,
    Howard made me become such a confident driver and lessons were always relaxed and enjoyable which always put me at ease! If I did something wrong he was supportive and calm! I would recommend driving
    with Howard to anyone he's been brilliant, what an excellent instructor :) Thanks Howie

  • Leah Millward (Tuesday, January 12 16 03:05 pm GMT)

    Passed 2nd time after just over a year of learning to drive with Howard, I found it pretty hard to get the hang of at first but with Howard's excellent teaching we got there in the end! If you think
    driving won't come so naturally to you, I recommend you choose to learn with Howard because of his laid back, yet very helpful approach. I took my time, but I'm glad I did because now I'm a confident
    driver! Thanks Howard :)

  • Mark Crooks (Wednesday, January 06 16 10:37 pm GMT)

    Howard is an excellent instructor. I always felt confident and safe during my lessons. He is easy to get on with which is good while driving as it makes you feel more relaxed. I would be more than
    happy to recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive. Thanks Howard!

  • Ruth Taylor (Wednesday, January 06 16 05:40 pm GMT)

    Passed first time! Howard was a great instructor, especially good at banishing any worries and anxieties I had about driving. I would recommend him to anyone, he made passing my test fun, easy and

  • Toby Cowell (Tuesday, December 01 15 09:50 pm GMT)

    Howard is a great teacher. I always felt confident on the road with his guidance and learned quickly with his help. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, or pass their test,
    whilst having fun at the same time.

  • Harry Glover (Tuesday, September 15 15 12:49 am BST)

    Howard is an exceptional teacher who made lessons fun and relaxed. A friendly and experienced instructor, like Howard, makes driving easy and for that I'm extremely grateful for all he has taught me,
    thanks Howard!

  • Tim Ingham-Dempster (Monday, August 17 15 09:11 pm BST)

    Howard's an excellent instructor. He was always relaxed and calm. He corrected my mistakes without ever making me feel bad about them. Would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to

  • Joe Parker (Thursday, July 09 15 12:23 pm BST)

    Howard makes learning to drive very enjoyable and gave me a lot of confidence on the roads. I would recommend him to anyone considering learning to drive, very easy to get on with and a great
    instructor. Thanks for everything

  • Jonathan Forward (Wednesday, June 17 15 05:59 pm BST)

    I would like to say a with a huge thank you to Howard for taking me on board from me knowing nothing about driving to making me pass first time. He is a a top guy and a great driving instructor, i
    would highly highly recommend him to anyone wanting to start driving in the local area. And don't forget to drop into Tivoli Cafe Bar on your travels.

  • Ryan Croft (Wednesday, June 03 15 06:25 pm BST)

    Howie is a top class instructor with a calm and fun approach to learning. He pushed me to do better with my driving which massively contributed to my test. I would recommend him to any ability.

  • Ruby Bleazard (Friday, April 10 15 01:08 pm BST)

    Would just like to say a huge thank you to Howard! He really is so patient and calm. After being told by other driving instructors I was unteachable, my confidence was so low that I never wanted to
    get back in a car. Howard restored my confidence which led me to passing my test! Cannot thank him enough. Highly recommend him to any new driver.

  • Alex Dowlen (Friday, March 27 15 03:33 pm GMT)

    Howard is an excellent driving instructor, and was always really calm and patient with me, which was very much appreciated! He made sure I was well prepared for my test, and helped me pass first
    time. The lessons incorporated a wide variety of different environments which prepared me well and made me comfortable driving. Would highly recommend him! Thanks!